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All Green Podcast

Sep 22, 2022

What happens when you give Founder of Eco Four Twenty and Co-Host of the All Green Podcast, Michael, a campground in Algonquin and a box full of surprise products?

Listen in as Michael reports directly from the great outdoors and gives his first impressions! First, Michael learns about a new innovative energy that is...

Aug 24, 2022

Did you know that the 52% of the squid that isn't used for calamari gets thrown away into landfills? In this episode of the All Green Podcast, Michael dives deep into the world of squid fertilizer. 

Listen in as they learn more about a family-run lawnscaping business in Wales that uses nontraditional methods to trim...

Jul 19, 2022

What’s new this season at Eco Four Twenty?

This week Co-Owners Michael and Andrea sit down to catch up on some of the exciting things that have been happening at the company these past few months. 

The hosts learn about an exciting new discovery off the coast of Australia that puts into perspective what “a...

Jun 17, 2022

The Eco Four Twenty team is hitting the convention floor at the Lift&Co Expo, hosted in Toronto. Check out this latest podcast where Michael gets a chance to sit down and talk to good friend, Brand Creator and Co-Founder, Beau Cleeton, to learn about his experience and journey with Canadian Lumber. 

As of 2017, the...

Mar 12, 2022

In this episode of the All Green Podcast, the team is in Las Vegas, Nevada for the Champs 2022 Trade Show. Host and Founder of Eco Four Twenty, Michael Ghazal, had the opportunity to sit down with CEO and Founder of KushKards, Lauren Miele. 

We learn about the inspiration and creation of the company, how Lauren comes up...